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24 Dec

On Saturday January 14 Black Fox will emerge from the studio to throw a big Summer Party. The band will be showcasing songs from their upcoming LP ‘Line Of Sight’ and will be supported by blues rockers ‘The Harlots’, indie darlings ‘Snowy Belfast’ and ‘DJ Deuce Coupe De Ville’. This will be the bands biggest show of the summer, so be sure to swap your thongs for your dancing shoes, and get ready to bust a move on that special somebody you’ve had a crush on since you shared a drunken pash at the work Christmas party. For more details click here



19 Aug

Please enjoy the following selection of snaps courtesy of photographical wiz-kid, Sarah Cramond. Black Fox shared the stage with leggy local act The Harlots, handsome man Mike Antoniou and multi-talented Peny™ at the recently renovated venue. Although centre-stage’s infamous load bearing wooden pillar has been extracted and assumedly laid to rest, the ghosts of bygone rock n’ roll linger on.  Shout outs to Conor Gallacher and JRR & The Broken Hearts’ Mad Mike for representing in full capacity. They’ll be laying down some tracks on the album, so tune in for updates.  Would I say we can’t wait to get those two pr!(k$ in the studio? Yeah, I would.

P.S. Thanks to all the punters who sported a ‘Black Fox’ temporary tattoo last night.

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