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20 Feb

We’ve moved to greener online pastures and will no longer be maintaining this blog. For all future updates and stories of misadventure, please head to the official Black Fox website –


18 Dec

Black Fox will be joining Sydney band ‘Richard In Your Mind’ on Wednesday night at The Workers Club in Fitzroy. We’d love to see you there!


13 Dec

Please enjoy the following photos of Black Fox performing at The Evelyn on Sunday evening. These snaps were taken by Wu Yaoyu. If you’d like to see more of his work, you can do so here


29 Nov

Black Fox will be playing at the Evelyn Hotel on December 11 as part of the ‘Jim Beam Bandlands’ sessions. Completing the line up will be 8 Bit Love and Without Wolves. Doors open at 8pm and tickets are available now through moshtix – click here for more info and tickets


22 Sep

Imported Mexicali longnecks, Fender©, gangsta beats, pizza pie and unauthorized Colonel Hogan smut. It’s Americana 101 as Leigh, the Drei-ster and Daniel give Birdhouse On Fire the el grandé treatment.


18 Aug

I pulled out Dane’s Roland Juno-106 analog synthesizer on Marcel — the precarious tale of a rolling stone. Stemming from a creative purple patch, Marcel (along with Chinatown) was written and demoed over the course of an afternoon in my Nishi Okazaki ‘El Escapo’ mid-2009. The opening chord progression was originally intended for piano, but Leigh’s always played it on guitar live with The Smoke and Black Fox. Cop that.

Anyway, back to the Juno; it carries the intro to the inevitable smack of Fergo’s snare — launching Marcel on its way. Other Juno sounds are splattered all up and down the remainder of the song. Due to the fact I can’t sing, the Japanese demo was as much spat out punk story-telling as it was melodic, and all on overdriven acoustic guitars!

Take a breathe, take a step. With the beat in your head. Pick a fight, tell a lie. To the man in your head

The Juno-106 provides a lot of Cure-ish (who also used one) atmosphere to balance it all out. Money and I saw Cut Copy about five years ago in Richmond with one of these onstage. The New Electric, too. Such a rad synth.


17 Aug

Black Fox rolled out to Southern Cross Rehearsal Studios in downtown Bayzy on Monday night – former stomping ground of Ryan Ferguson.  Aesthetically, the place was incredible!  Dicks and swears ‘burnt’ into the walls and roof, rubbish a-go-go and a customized vending machine which served up VB and ‘Jimmy’ all provided the perfect incubator for suburban punk / grunge / metal madness. What a riot! 

Straughny — the longhaired owner, and apparently live-in resident of the rehearsal studio — enthusiastically greeted the band in his fully accredited Bogan Nation paraphernalia and was quick to provide a grand tour of the facility. In what can only be described as his lair, he housed the biggest computer monitor known to man, a slew of vintage synthesizers (the crown of his collection being a Roland Jupiter 8) and a teenage babe.  Black Fox got down to business in Room 2; footage of which may / may not turn up in an unauthorized YouTube video clip.  Straughny on the other hand, donned his full body length leather trench coat and disappeared into The Matrix™…

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