Tightly linked by bonds of blood and friendship, Black Fox is the evolution of acclaimed Melbourne band, The Smoke, and encompasses all the energy and attitude for which the group was known. No strangers to critical success—members have accumulated a string of national and international accolades—Black Fox couldn’t be more excited about the release of their new album, Line Of Sight.

Written and recorded across the globe—Melbourne, NYC, Japan—Line Of Sight reads like the best chapter of a vagabond’s favorite book. Inspired textures and (often risky) melodies unravel from the get-go, and the band’s fierce passion for adventure ensures that the excursion into the unknown continues throughout.

Fronted by Dane Robertson, Black Fox truly comes into its own when on the stage; consistently unleashing high energy, memorable shows that bring another dimension to the band’s catalogue of indie-pop songs. Lead singleDay In Lieu has ensnared audiences in a daze of hazy vocals and shell-shocking dance floor beats, andSuburban Rooms likewise. Saturated in reverb, the tormenting Monarch sounds like a fading reality, whereasNightwalks entices you back to the very place you lost it. Line Of Sight’s final attack, Take It To The Grave, creeps up and possesses you like a ghost:

‘It seems as though there’s no one left to fight.’

Let that be a warning.


Black Fox Members:

Dane Robertson – Vocals

Leigh Mullens – Guitar

Mitchell Freeman – Drums

Daniel Mullens – Guitar

Andrei Seleznev – Bass


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