28 Aug

For those that have missed earlier posts, I’ve been in New York recently recording some parts for our record with friend and musician Callum MacBain. I was supposed to be flying to Austin Texas today but my flight was cancelled due to Hurricane Irene, which is currently working it’s way to New York City.

Since I couldn’t make it to Austin I decided to hit the streets of Brooklyn early for some breakfast. Once outside, I was confronted with an interesting scene. Supermarkets were jam packed with people stocking up on non-perishables and bottled water, huge lines were forming behind ATM machines, and a number of the local business had shut their doors. Despite the commotion, the mood was relaxed and indeed many of the local cafes and bars were defiantly keeping their doors open. One of the few shops still open was “Earwax”, the local record store where I took solace from the rain for half an hour. After purchasing a copy of the Trashmen’s classic “Surfin’ Bird” on 7″, I decided to head into Manhattan to see how the city was reacting to the commotion.

Since the city had closed down the subway, I caught a taxi to the lower East side and went for a walk. As I strolled up 5th Avenue I was amazed to find that Manhattan was like a ghost town. All the stores were closed (many boarded up), the streets were vacant, and barely any traffic was on the roads. A group of builders were hurriedly removing the lavish window displays from the Versace store and replacing them with plywood and sandbags. It was a particularly eerie scene for one of the World’s largest cities. When the rain got a little too heavy to bear I jumped in a cab and made my way back to Brooklyn to bunker down for the evening.

Thus far, my big date with Irene has consisted of little more than drinking mojitos, chowing down on hamburgers and watching movies with friends. Not exactly the biggest ordeal I’ve endured. It’s 2:15am now and the wind and rain is just starting to get a little wild. I guess we’ll just have to play the waiting game.


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