27 Aug

Black Fox have parted ways their Marshall JCM900 amplifier. The 100 watt rig (which features heavily throughout Line Of Sight) was originally procured second hand by young deadhead Leigh Mullens circa 2004, only to be later traded with Daniel’s Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (which also features throughout the album).

‘I didn’t really use it that much because I had other amps, however brought it out late in the Blood Orange sessions and it was wild … I believe I played it on Midnight and Wasted Years,’ says Daniel. ‘Not that anyone really cares.’

Recently recovered photographic evidence may suggest otherwise…

In the end it had an excess 80 watts, unused channel, extra speaker, faulty reverb, missing footswitch, was 15 kilos too heavy, had sustained structural damage (allegedly by teen pinup Hazy) and the reverb was in need of a service.

‘I sold it to a local youth for an undisclosed sum.’

The awkward youngster — known only as ‘Ben’ — rolled around to Relaxo with a metal influenced guitar and proceeded to cut sick; grindcore style.

‘Do you want to tune that thing?’
‘Fair enough…’
‘I don’t know what to say…’

Daniel (with a tear in his eye) helped Ben load the Marshall into his automobile, then fudged the proceeds into his back pocket.

‘I crashed my last car.’

We’ll endure to follow his progress via this link to his solo material:

Live the dream, Ben.


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