18 Aug

I pulled out Dane’s Roland Juno-106 analog synthesizer on Marcel — the precarious tale of a rolling stone. Stemming from a creative purple patch, Marcel (along with Chinatown) was written and demoed over the course of an afternoon in my Nishi Okazaki ‘El Escapo’ mid-2009. The opening chord progression was originally intended for piano, but Leigh’s always played it on guitar live with The Smoke and Black Fox. Cop that.

Anyway, back to the Juno; it carries the intro to the inevitable smack of Fergo’s snare — launching Marcel on its way. Other Juno sounds are splattered all up and down the remainder of the song. Due to the fact I can’t sing, the Japanese demo was as much spat out punk story-telling as it was melodic, and all on overdriven acoustic guitars!

Take a breathe, take a step. With the beat in your head. Pick a fight, tell a lie. To the man in your head

The Juno-106 provides a lot of Cure-ish (who also used one) atmosphere to balance it all out. Money and I saw Cut Copy about five years ago in Richmond with one of these onstage. The New Electric, too. Such a rad synth.


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