17 Aug

Black Fox rolled out to Southern Cross Rehearsal Studios in downtown Bayzy on Monday night – former stomping ground of Ryan Ferguson.  Aesthetically, the place was incredible!  Dicks and swears ‘burnt’ into the walls and roof, rubbish a-go-go and a customized vending machine which served up VB and ‘Jimmy’ all provided the perfect incubator for suburban punk / grunge / metal madness. What a riot! 

Straughny — the longhaired owner, and apparently live-in resident of the rehearsal studio — enthusiastically greeted the band in his fully accredited Bogan Nation paraphernalia and was quick to provide a grand tour of the facility. In what can only be described as his lair, he housed the biggest computer monitor known to man, a slew of vintage synthesizers (the crown of his collection being a Roland Jupiter 8) and a teenage babe.  Black Fox got down to business in Room 2; footage of which may / may not turn up in an unauthorized YouTube video clip.  Straughny on the other hand, donned his full body length leather trench coat and disappeared into The Matrix™…


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