10 Aug

This is our Yamaha TX7 FM expander; on loan from HT Nebauer. It’s the rack version of the Yamaha DX7 — probably the most famous digital synthesizer of all time. Dane and I pretty much always program our own synthesizer sounds on the Oberheim OB-8 and Roland Juno-106. Therefore, we never really paid the TX7 any attention….Until now!

There are countless patches available for the DX7 series, but needless to say, I’m still hooked on the factory presets — especially Strings 2, which sounds more like hazy brass…Anyway, I’ve squeezed Strings 2 onto just about every song on the record; usually blending it with AC1 Trumpet Ensemble from the Oberheim OB-8, which actually sounds more like strings…Another DX7 preset on the record, is Marimba; featuring in the bridges of both Monarch and Beatles Party. I’m predicting a comeback for early FM synths. So rad.


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