8 Aug

This weekend proved to be a busy one for Black Fox, with a host of recording sessions at a gig at The Espy. Here’s Daniel Mullens’ account of how the weekend unfolded…

As those who read this blog may and / or may not know, Black Fox is near the end of recording Line Of Sight; so we decided to book a weekend-long ‘sweatshop session’ at my home — El Rancho — to tie up loose ends.On Friday night, I arranged guitars, amplifiers and synthesizers in ‘strategique’ locations around the house in what I like to call The Iso-Chamber Configuration. Do I like isolating a chamber? Yeah, what of it? Paramount to this was Naoko’s (our housemate) fortunately timed trip back to her native Hiroshima. We exploited her bedroom for all it was worth – amps were stacked on the floor with her pillows and bedding fudged here / there to baffle the sound.

Dane rocked up early Saturday morning, and I bashed out bass on Take It To The Grave and Chinatown, and Dane played some guitars on the same. By one o’clock, we were peckish and ventured out for burgers via the recycled record store — consider Underworld’s Underneath The Radar 7” single purchased, but not yet listened to. Leigh met us at lunch and we retreated back home from the seasonably rainy conditions.I spent the next three hours or so recording parts on the Roland Juno-106, Oberheim OB-8 and my new Oberheim Matrix 1000, whilst Leigh simultaneously recorded a stack of guitars in the next room. Sooner or later we had to split for our gig at The Espy, and powered down for the day.

Come Sunday morning, Leigh and I both woke up a bit seedy from the night before. Dane was due to be a few hours late, and unfortunately, we’d left most of our stuff in his rig after the show. However this presented us with a fine opportunity whip together some incredible flapjacks whilst we waited.We officially got cracking at midday and knocked over what must have been another half dozen songs before going our separate ways.All in all, a very productive (and hilarious) two days.



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